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Managerial Finance

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Categoy: Divers Pages: 140 Language: English   Download the book Managerial Finance     Table of Contents Chapter 1: Why Finance? ◦Chapter Introduction ◦Finance in the World ◦Finance in Business ◦Role of Managerial Finance ◦Objective of the Firm Chapter 2: Review of Math and Accounting Concepts ◦Chapter Introduction ◦What Do You Know? Math Pre-test ◦Review of Helpful Math Concepts ◦What Do You Know? Accounting Pre-test ◦Review of Basic Accounting Concepts Chapter 3: Ethics and Finance ◦Chapter Introduction ◦Ethics Foundations ◦Ethics in Finance ◦Ethics in Management ◦International Considerations ◦The Bigger Picture ◦End-of-Chapter Exercises Chapter 4: Financial Statements and Ratio Analysis ◦Chapter Introduction ◦Income Statement ◦The Balance Sheet ◦Cash Flow Statement ◦Other Statements ◦Ratio Analysis ◦Final Thoughts on Ratio Analysis ◦Worked Problem: CABS Inc. ◦End-of-Chapter Assessment Chapter 5: Pro Forma Statements ◦Chapter Introduction ◦Pro Forma Income Statement ◦Pro Forma Balance Sheet ◦Assessment of Pro Forma Statements ◦The Bigger Picture ◦End-of-Chapter Problems Chapter 6: Time Value of Money: One Cash Flow ◦Chapter Introduction ◦Present Value and Future Value ◦Interest ◦Simple Interest ◦Compound Interest ◦Solving Compound Interest Problems ◦Effective Interest Rates ◦End-of-Chapter Assessment Chapter 7: Time Value of Money: Multiple Flows ◦Chapter Introduction ◦Multiple Cash Flows ◦Perpetuities ◦Annuities ◦Loan Amortization ◦End-of-Chapter Assessment Chapter 8: Securities Markets ◦Chapter Introduction ◦Financial Environment: Institutions and Markets ◦Regulation of Financial Institutions ◦Modern History of Financial Crises ◦Types of Financial and Other Traded Assets ◦The Bigger Picture ◦End-of-Chapter Exercises Chapter 9: Interest Rates and Bond Valuation ◦Chapter Introduction ◦Bonds and Interest Rates ◦Credit Risk ◦Bond Yield ◦Bond Valuation ◦The Bigger Picture ◦End-of-Chapter Problems Chapter 10: Stock Valuation ◦Chapter Introduction ◦Common and Preferred Stocks ◦Dividend Discount Model ◦Market Multiples Approach ◦Free Cash Flow Approach ◦The Bigger Picture ◦End-of-Chapter Problems Chapter 11: Assessing Risk ◦Chapter Introduction ◦Risk and Return Basics ◦Portfolios ◦Market Efficiency ◦Standard Deviation ◦Market History ◦The Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) ◦The Bigger Picture ◦End-of-Chapter Exercises Chapter 12: Cost of Capital ◦Chapter Introduction ◦The Cost of Capital Overview ◦Cost of Debt ◦Cost of Preferred Stock ◦Cost of Common Stock ◦Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC) ◦WACC and Investment Decisions ◦Bigger Picture ◦End-of-Chapter Problems Chapter 13: Capital Budgeting Decision Making ◦Chapter Introduction ◦Introduction to Capital Budgeting Techniques ◦Payback Period ◦Net Present Value ◦Internal Rate of Return ◦Other Methods ◦Comparing Projects with Unequal Lives ◦Approaches for Dealing with Risk ◦The Bigger Picture ◦End-of-Chapter Assessment Problems Chapter 14: Capital Budgeting Cash Flows ◦Chapter Introduction ◦Which Cash Flows Should I Include? ◦Capital Spending and Salvage Value ◦Operating Cash Flows ◦Changes in Net Working Capital ◦Making the Investment Decision Chapter 15: Raising Capital and Capital Structure ◦Chapter Introduction ◦Life Cycle of a Firm ◦Leverage ◦Capital Structure ◦Choosing the Optimal Capital Structure ◦The Bigger Picture ◦End-of-Chapter Problems Chapter 16: Dividend Policy ◦Chapter Introduction ◦Dividend Basics ◦Dividend Policy ◦Other Forms of Dividends Chapter 17: Cash and Cash Conversion Cycle ◦Chapter Introduction ◦Cash Budgets ◦Net Working Capital Basics ◦Cash Conversion Cycle ◦The Bigger Picture ◦End-of-Chapter Problems Chapter 18: Current Liabilities Management ◦Chapter Introduction ◦Accounts Payable Management ◦Accruals Management ◦Short-term Loans ◦Secured Sources of Funds Chapter 19: International Considerations ◦Chapter Introduction ◦Multinational Corporations and their Environments ◦Multinational vs. Domestic Financial Management ◦Exchange Rate Risk ◦Other Risk Factors ◦Investment Decisions ◦International Mergers and Joint Ventures Chapter 20: Derivatives and Hedging ◦Chapter Introduction ◦Convertible Securities ◦Futures ◦Options ◦Hedging Risk Chapter 21: Mergers, Acquisitions, and Divestitures ◦Chapter Introduction ◦Mergers and Acquisitions ◦LBOs and Divestitures ◦Reorganization and Bankruptcy Chapter 22: Self-Test Exam ◦Chapter Introduction ◦Self-Test Exam Part I ◦Self-Test Exam Part II  

To download the book Managerial Finance, follow this link This book is distributed under the Creative Commons  

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