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Economic data from the U.S.

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Economic data from the U.S. Almost daily data and indicators are published in the U.S. economy, as well as appearances or statements of the monetary authorities. This set of data or information that affect positively or negatively the development of futures markets. On the Internet there are several pages that are published every day, these issues, even to value them according to their influence on the markets.   To our operations is essential to know, not because we can benefit our daily trading, but rather because his knowledge can serve us to stop trading in those moments since the volatility can be excessive.   For this aim, one of my pages I like is of D. José Luis Carpathians whose internet address is http://www.serenitymarkets.com (spanish). In the section "U.S. data" published daily, all day events planned in conjunction with their assessment because of their influence on markets , corresponding to a value of 5 to the data that tends to generate high volatility and 1 to the data that is often indifferent to the markets. We must be dependent on all valuations that overcome the range 3. A well-known English-language website is forexfactory.com   Daily chronogram (for trading if they give themselves the foreseen conditions) - At 09:00 / 10:00 am. hours

● Trade possibilities (there is less volatility in the market and the trend is more reliable). - At 12:00 am. hours

● possible shift in the trend. - Before 3:30 pm. Hours

● Reaction to the publication of any economic news (USA) senior to 3. - At 3:30 pm. Hours

● Possible market deception. - After 3:30 pm. Hours

● Reaction to the publication of economic news (USA) senior to 3. - At 3:45 pm. Hours

● Trading start. - At 4:00 pm. Hours

● Possible shift in the trend. - At 5:00 pm. Hours

● Possible shift in the trend. - At 5:15 pm. Hours

● Stop trades. - At 7:00 / 8:00 pm. Hours

● Possible interventions by the Fed. - At 7:30 pm. Hours

● With certain frequency the trend have the habit of being activated. - At 9:00 pm. Hours

● Closure reaction to American bond market. - At 9:30 pm. Hours

● With some frequency, it is usually activated the trend - At 10:00 pm. Hours

● Close all trades that remain open.  

Source: Traderpirata.com

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