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What is a commodity? Commodity is called to all good that is produced in mass by man or even which huge amounts exist in nature, which has a value or use and a very low level of differentiation or specialization. Familiar examples of these are corn, soybeans or wheat, since mass produced and have a very low level of differentiation. Also gold, silver and oil are commodities as anywhere in the world are not very different except tiny details.

How are they classified? Are classified into different groups and are the following: Grains: Where can we find soy, wheat, corn, oats, barley. Softs: Cotton, sugar, cocoa, coffee, etc. Energy: Gasoline, ethanol, fuel oil, gas, crude oil, etc. Metals: Gold, silver, copper, platinum, aluminum. Meat and derivatives: won live bovine, live pigs, butter and milk. Even financial commodities have appeared, among them we have the bonds of 30 years, Eurodollar, etc; indices such as the Dow Jones, the Nasdaq100, etc and even currencies such as the pound, euro, Mexican peso,... As you can see the range and group of commodities can be extended.

How are these goods in practice handled? In the majority of cases they use the modality of future. In some ways the way of working in the commodities market is future or a market term. A future market is one in which parties that form part of the transaction commit to consume it at a certain date in the future at a price that is fixed and it agrees the date. (that is, today). At the same time there are the spot market where transactions are carried out and settled on the day or a maximum period of 72 hours at a spot price or spot, this as opposed to the first form of transaction. This makes much sense more than anything in the stock market or financial since the availability and delivery

are carried out more quickly and through a broker account.

The Trieste Commodity Exchange

The Trieste Commodity Exchange, founded in 1755, is one of the oldest commodity exchanges in the world. - Wikipedia.org - Wikimedia.org

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