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Money and Banking 1.1

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Authors: Robert E. Wright, Dr. Vincenzo Quadrini Categoy: Divers Pages: 200 Language: English   Download the book Money and Banking 1.1   Table of Contents   About the Authors Acknowledgments Preface Chapter 1: Money, Banking, and Your World ◦Chapter Introduction ◦Dreams Dashed ◦Hope Springs ◦Suggested Browsing ◦Suggested Reading Chapter 2: The Financial System ◦Chapter Introduction ◦Evil and Brilliant Financiers? ◦Financial Systems ◦Asymmetric Information: The Real Evil ◦Financial Markets ◦Financial Intermediaries ◦Competition Between Markets and Intermediaries ◦Regulation ◦Suggested Reading Chapter 3: Money ◦Chapter Introduction ◦Of Love, Money, and Transactional Efficiency ◦Better to Have Had Money and Lost It Than to Have Never Had Money at All ◦A Short History of Moolah ◦Commodity and Credit Monies ◦Measuring Money ◦Suggested Reading Chapter 4: Interest Rates ◦Chapter Introduction ◦The Interest of Interest ◦Present and Future Value ◦Compounding Periods ◦Pricing Debt Instruments ◦What’s the Yield on That? ◦Calculating Returns ◦Inflation and Interest Rates ◦Suggested Reading Chapter 5: The Economics of Interest-Rate Fluctuations ◦Chapter Introduction ◦Interest Rate Fluctuations ◦Shifts in Supply and Demand for Bonds ◦Liquidity Preference ◦Predictions and Effects ◦Suggested Reading Chapter 6: The Economics of Interest-Rate Spreads and Yield Curves ◦Chapter Introduction ◦A Short History of Interest Rates ◦Interest-Rate Determinants I: The Risk Structure ◦The Determinants of Interest Rates II: The Term Structure ◦Suggested Reading Chapter 7: Rational Expectations, Efficient Markets, and the Valuation of Corporate Equities ◦Chapter Introduction ◦The Theory of Rational Expectations ◦Valuing Corporate Equities ◦Financial Market Efficiency ◦Evidence of Market Efficiency ◦Suggested Reading Chapter 8: Financial Structure, Transaction Costs, and Asymmetric Information ◦Chapter Introduction ◦The Sources of External Finance ◦Transaction Costs, Asymmetric Information, and the Free-Rider Problem ◦Adverse Selection ◦Moral Hazard ◦Agency Problems ◦Suggested Reading Chapter 9: Bank Management ◦Chapter Introduction ◦The Balance Sheet ◦Assets, Liabilities, and T-Accounts ◦Bank Management Principles ◦Credit Risk ◦Interest-Rate Risk ◦Off the Balance Sheet ◦Suggested Reading Chapter 10: Innovation and Structure in Banking and Finance ◦Chapter Introduction ◦Early Financial Innovations ◦Innovations Galore ◦Loophole Mining and Lobbying ◦Banking on Technology ◦Banking Industry Profitability and Structure ◦Suggested Reading Chapter 11: The Economics of Financial Regulation ◦Chapter Introduction ◦Public Interest versus Private Interest ◦The Great Depression as Regulatory Failure ◦The Savings and Loan Regulatory Debacle ◦Better but Still Not Good: U.S. Regulatory Reforms ◦Basel II’s Third Pillar ◦Suggested Reading Chapter 12: The Financial Crisis of 2007–2009 ◦Chapter Introduction ◦Financial Crises ◦Asset Bubbles ◦Financial Panics ◦Lender of Last Resort ◦Bailouts ◦The Crisis of 2007–2008 ◦Suggested Reading Chapter 13: Central Bank Form and Function ◦Chapter Introduction ◦America’s Central Banks ◦The Federal Reserve System’s Structure ◦Other Important Central Banks ◦Central Bank Independence ◦Suggested Reading Chapter 14: The Money Supply Process ◦Chapter Introduction ◦The Central Bank’s Balance Sheet ◦Open Market Operations ◦A Simple Model of Multiple Deposit Creation ◦Suggested Reading Chapter 15: The Money Supply and the Money Multiplier ◦Chapter Introduction ◦A More Sophisticated Money Multiplier for M1 ◦The M2 Money Multiplier ◦Summary and Explanation ◦Suggested Reading Chapter 16: Monetary Policy Tools ◦Chapter Introduction ◦The Federal Funds Market and Reserves ◦Open Market Operations and the Discount Window ◦The Monetary Policy Tools of Other Central Banks ◦Suggested Reading Chapter 17: Monetary Policy Targets and Goals ◦Chapter Introduction ◦A Short History of Fed Blunders ◦Central Bank Goal Trade-offs ◦Central Bank Targets ◦The Taylor Rule ◦Suggested Reading Chapter 18: Foreign Exchange ◦Chapter Introduction ◦The Economic Importance of Currency Markets ◦Determining the Exchange Rate ◦Long-Run Determinants of Exchange Rates ◦Short-Run Determinants of Exchange Rates ◦Modeling the Market for Foreign Exchange ◦Suggested Reading Chapter 19: International Monetary Regimes ◦Chapter Introduction ◦The Trilemma, or Impossible Trinity ◦Two Systems of Fixed Exchange Rates ◦The Managed or Dirty Float ◦The Choice of International Policy Regime ◦Suggested Reading Chapter 20: Money Demand ◦Chapter Introduction ◦The Quantity Theory ◦Liquidity Preference Theory ◦Head to Head: Friedman versus Keynes ◦Suggested Reading Chapter 21: IS-LM ◦Chapter Introduction ◦Aggregate Output and Keynesian Cross Diagrams ◦The IS-LM Model ◦Suggested Reading Chapter 22: IS-LM in Action ◦Chapter Introduction ◦Shifting Curves: Causes and Effects ◦Implications for Monetary Policy ◦Aggregate Demand Curve ◦Suggested Reading Chapter 23: Aggregate Supply and Demand, the Growth Diamond, and Financial Shocks ◦Chapter Introduction ◦Aggregate Demand ◦Aggregate Supply ◦Equilibrium Analysis ◦The Growth Diamond ◦Financial Shocks ◦Suggested Reading Chapter 24: Monetary Policy Transmission Mechanisms ◦Chapter Introduction ◦Modeling Reality ◦How Important Is Monetary Policy? ◦Transmission Mechanisms ◦Suggested Reading Chapter 25: Inflation and Money ◦Chapter Introduction ◦Empirical Evidence of a Money-Inflation Link ◦Why Have Central Bankers So Often Gotten It Wrong? ◦Suggested Reading Chapter 26: Rational Expectations Redux: Monetary Policy Implications ◦Chapter Introduction ◦Rational Expectations ◦New Keynesians ◦Inflation Busting ◦Suggested Reading  

To download the book Money and Banking, follow this link This book is distributed under the Creative Commons  

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