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Definition or financial glossary - Letter F

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-          Fixed income What is the fixed income? Fixed income assets correspond to a broad set of securities which emit enterprises and public institutions, and which represent loans that these entities receive investors. Thus, fixed income gives no political to its holder, but only rights economic, among which include the right to receive the agreed interests and rights to a refund of all or part of the capital invested at a given date, depending on whether is simple fixed-income or not. A fixed-income investor becomes a creditor of the issuer, while the shareholder is a co-owner of a part of the share capital. This difference is not trivial, because:

• In the event of liquidation of the company, the creditor has priority over members.

• The shareholder has a series of rights whose exercise requires a greater commitment to the fixed-income investor: more track information, involvement in his case in the General meeting of shareholders or delegation of voting, etc. Although traditionally in fixed income interest on the loan were established accurately from the time of issuance to maturity, there are other more sophisticated possibilities. The interests are often variables being referenced to certain indicators, usually interest rates (Euribor, etc.), index stock, or even to the evolution of a given stock, index, etc., sometimes taking other special characteristics.

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